In memory to Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011

I would have preferred that my first article after 2 months would have had a less sad topic. But since Steve Jobs has passed away last night, I would like to remember this genius mind and technology philosopher.

Many things have been said and written all over the globe already. No need to add more.

Whoever has seen one of his presentations or speeches was immediately impressed by his passion and enthusiasm.
The way he thought about new technologies as a means to help the people will hopefully influence all further generations of engineers.


About oliverbuerkler

I am an engineering professional from Germany. Currently working as Product Manager for 3D Laser Scanner and the related software products at FARO. Apart from culture, nature and delicious food, I am interested in modern technologies. Focussing on topics which are related to the keywords "3D", "Imaging", "Modern Technologies" and "Computers" I try to figure out what is making technology a success. What is needed to make things accepted by people? Why are many fascinating products failing while similar gadgets are achieving record sales.
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