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When browsing around the internet, I just found “Homestyler“, a tool for people who want to redesign their home. Homestyler is one of the first outcomes of Autodesk´s latest cloud computing initiative. It does not require installation and licensing but simply runs in a web browser (I tested it on my office PC as well as on my home Mac).

Because I am interested in both topics: home design and investigating on cloud computing I thought I would give it a quick try…

First of all, the user interface looks quite intuitive. You are offered a set of different room shapes which serve as templates. Once the rooms are roughly placed on the drawing canvas, you may move and adjust walls by simply dragging them on the screen. As soon as the room layout is done, Homestyler provides doors, windows, furniture and light elements to furnish the newly designed home.

Interesting from a commercial point of view is how Autodesk cooperates with home suppliers. Besides generic furniture elements, vendors are offering parts of their current catalogs. This allows for advertising the latest products and have the prospect customers try them out virtually in their known environment – very clever!

So far so good. But how is this working in real life?

The layout work all takes place in a 2D top view. Only for viewing the result, Homestyler offers a 3D view.
What works intuitively and quickly for the first steps, unfortunately proofs to be a bit challenging as soon as you try to give rooms exact sizes and walls or doors an accurate position. Also the 3D view could – at least for someone who works with professional 3D software packages every day – provide a more elaborate navigation. Basically, the viewing angle from a position slightly higher than the walls always stays the same. The user can only rotate the room design about the z-axis in fixed steps and zoom in or out.

From my point of view, it would be very beneficial if the user could freely define viewing positions within the rooms to get a good feeling about how well the picked furniture would fit together. But at least in the standard free of cost version of Homestyler such a feature seems to be missing.

To summarize this first short test:

Homestyler by Autodesk is an interesting approach to provide 3D CAD in a easy-to-use way for the rest of us. But once you seriously start planning your new furniture, weaknesses in accurately placing objects and navigating in 3D become obvious. If Autodesk continues improving the project, it might become a really helpful tool for furniture manufacturers as well as for customers.


About oliverbuerkler

I am an engineering professional from Germany. Currently working as Product Manager for 3D Laser Scanner and the related software products at FARO. Apart from culture, nature and delicious food, I am interested in modern technologies. Focussing on topics which are related to the keywords "3D", "Imaging", "Modern Technologies" and "Computers" I try to figure out what is making technology a success. What is needed to make things accepted by people? Why are many fascinating products failing while similar gadgets are achieving record sales.
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