We got a window!

Our first window!

OK – It is only a cellar window, but it is ours!

Yesterday we made a little walk to the construction site to see how the things are going. And indeed they seem to accelerate. There are now 2 cranes lifting things up and most of the outer cellar walls seem to be erected.

With a little good will, we can even see our parking lots and the shaft for the elevator.

Two cranes enjoying the sunset

Two cranes enjoying the sunset

Overview of the construction site

Overview of the construction site


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I am an engineering professional from Germany. Currently working as Product Manager for 3D Laser Scanner and the related software products at FARO. Apart from culture, nature and delicious food, I am interested in modern technologies. Focussing on topics which are related to the keywords "3D", "Imaging", "Modern Technologies" and "Computers" I try to figure out what is making technology a success. What is needed to make things accepted by people? Why are many fascinating products failing while similar gadgets are achieving record sales.
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