Building Shell finished – time to do some Laser Scanning

First round of scans presented with the web viewer SCENE WebShare

First round of scans available on the internet via the web viewer  for 3D laser scan data SCENE WebShare

As the builders completed the building shell of our new apartment right before Christmas, it was obvious that we would use the holidays to take the first laser scans.I brought my FARO Focus 3D from the office home and we went off to capture the current as-built state. After a little more than 1 hour we were finished recording 14 scan positions inside the apartment, on the balcony and the roof garden. Although the interior walls are not erected yet, it took me a few scans more than I expected because the whole indoor area is filled with supporting poles to hold the freshly casted ceiling slab.

Because we always lack of good example scan data which can be published for marketing purposes, I will use this data also for professional purposes. Therefore the results can be found at FARO demo WebShare server at:

Overlaying the 2D or 3D CAD data with the 3D laser scan data of the as-built situation reveals the accuracy of the construction.

Overlaying the 2D or 3D CAD data with the 3D laser scan data of the as-built situation reveals the accuracy of the construction.

The comparison of the scan data with the 2D drawings from the architect as well as with the 3D Revit model I created myself showed that the accuracy of the buildings main structure seems to be pretty good.

As a little gimmick to show the 3D scan data to all those who do not have experience with 3D laser scanning, I created a short fly through video from the scan data. In case you wonder where the data of myself sitting on the roof garden is coming from: A colleague of mine had scanned me at work using our new SCENECT software together with an Asus Xtion Po Live. I just took this data and placed it within the data of the apartment before I rendered the video. Maybe I will write an article about the SCENECT within the next weeks.

We are already waiting for the builders to set up the interior walls. Once this is done – currently they are on winter vacation – we will go in again and do another round of 3D laser scanning.


About oliverbuerkler

I am an engineering professional from Germany. Currently working as Product Manager for 3D Laser Scanner and the related software products at FARO. Apart from culture, nature and delicious food, I am interested in modern technologies. Focussing on topics which are related to the keywords "3D", "Imaging", "Modern Technologies" and "Computers" I try to figure out what is making technology a success. What is needed to make things accepted by people? Why are many fascinating products failing while similar gadgets are achieving record sales.
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2 Responses to Building Shell finished – time to do some Laser Scanning

  1. Chris says:

    The Point Cloud video is very smooth, I was wondering what software you used to create it?

  2. Thank you Chris! I used a new App for FARO´s SCENE software which will soon be released. Once it is availalbe, you may find the App at the FARO 3D App Center.

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